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Aleppo: A City of Laurel, Stonework, and Splendor!

An extremely beautiful and historically rich city, Aleppo was probably inhabited as early as the 6th century BC and competes with Damascus as one of the earliest settlements in the world. The locals, in spite of being conservative, are extremely hospitable and at the end of a tiring day you'll no doubt be accosted by a local offering you a chair and refreshments! Our local company offers a range of charming Aleppo hotels as well as tours of Aleppo and the northern region of Syria.

Aleppo's raw vitality and energy has lured travellers across the ages and if you're visiting the Middle East, it will definitely rank as one of the top must-see cities.

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Aleppo, or Halab as it is called in Arabic, is the second largest city in Syria. Built almost entirely of stone, it has played a pivotal role in the country's history since the time of the Amorites and the Acadians. Once a flourishing caravan centre, Aleppo was a haunt for merchants to buy and sell their wares, the remnants of which are still witnessed today. A walk through the Old City's bazaars (called souks) will acquaint you with this enchanting merchandise gallery. With its rich history and culture, impressive architecture, traditional places to stay in Aleppo and friendly locals, you will love your time spent in Aleppo.

If you have a penchant for history, you'll find Aleppo a very fascinating place. The imposing remains of the Roman Empire, castles reminiscent of the Crusaders and Islamic architecture meld together in an intriguing way. It is the ideal place to take an Aleppo tour and step back in time. Situated midway between the coast and the Euphrates River, it was perfectly poised to em erge as the most crucial commercial centre of its day. Pilgrims and merchants from the north on their way to Makkah preferred this route across the edge of the mountains, rather than braving the harsh coast.

Compared to the souks of Damascus, the ones in Aleppo have a rather quaint charm, and are one of the things to do in Aleppo. As you saunter along narrow alleys and stone vaults, you'd be forgiven for wondering if you've wandered into an ancient era or into the pages of the Bible. Though they're murky, coarse and crammed, the true traveller should not miss these souks, as they are almost emblematic of the city.

Amongst the beautiful alleys and streets you'll find some welcoming and authentic Aleppo hotels and guesthouse. Offering great value and warm Syrian hospitality, the hotels in Aleppo are sure to make you feel welcome and comfortable. You can even choose your hotel in Aleppo based on its location with our interactive Aleppo map.

Its vibrant people, impressive architecture and the legacy of a fine Arab tradition come together to give the town a distinct vitality that is quite different from other Syrian cities. Why not take an impressive Aleppo tour throughout the city? The spirit of Syria-once witnessed in her princes who enjoyed outstanding victories in battle and built remarkable structures, merchants who bartered wisely with the Levant Company, making Aleppo one of the wealthiest towns in its day-lives on to this day. Today, Aleppo has emerged as one of the key trading points in the area, selling grain, olives, pistachios, cotton, sheep and agricultural produce. Located along the ancient silk route, it is the hub of cultural and business exchanges between the West and the East. Our booking portal offers a range of unique accommodation in Aleppo!

Imposing ancient art and architecture co-exist harmoniously with the urban and the cosmopolitan. Taking a tour in Aleppo you will see its medieval buildings, ancient markets, French colonial buildings, walled cities, churches of the Crusading years, mosques and other relics of the Islamic Mulmuk empire (1260-1515) and Ottoman architecture (1516-1918), combining to create an almost kaleidoscopic atmosphere.

You will surely love a trip to Aleppo. Let us help you plan your ideal Aleppo holiday with our personally recommended Aleppo hotels and tours in Aleppo. We are a locally based company who love our city and have a passion for sustainable tourism. Let us show you the real Aleppo!